Scandal – sexy not sassy

February is usually the month of love in the events world, focusing on Valentine’s Day, but earlier this month we had to focus on the scandal about the misuse of hostesses at the Presidents’ club charity event, as well as the Formula one coming to the spotlight with the banning of grid girls.

In comment to all this, Janet Street Porter said in the Independent -“isn’t it time we stopped booking topless male waiters for hen parties and asking women to turn up and act as “hostesses” at all-male events so they can be ogled?”

I think she has a point. Over the last few years, however, I feel there’s been a trend in the corporate entertainment industry for booking acts solely based on what they look like. This disregards what I feel is the real purpose of why they’re there, to entertain the guests and create a celebratory atmosphere, which does include a few topless acts from our side over the years as well, and they all happen to be male.

The Presidents Club scandal Tolga Akmen/FT

Values – sassy not sexy

Sorcha Productions was set up to create a new culture in the live corporate entertainment market to communicate the value of performers and how they make and shape the experience and ambience of an event.

Corporate entertainment is an art form, and we only work with artists that share this vision. The entertainment is based on storytelling, to translate corporate values into something tangible rather than the aesthetics of a performer. With the language of artistry and live entertainment to create bold, vibrant, and engaging performances we need personable, human and connected artist, no soulless mannequins.

Glitterball act from Temenos conference, Lisbon April 2017

Watch our sassy acts

Sassy individuals create ‘wowing and amusing’ productions and the right atmosphere to lead to lasting memories instead of a momentary pleasure.

Enjoy their boldness, liveliness, cheekiness and spirit at the Cirque Shanghai at the Bloomsbury Big Top in 2017.

“Such a professional and talented group of artists. Our clients were over the moon with this years event and the Chinese Ambassador of the UAE said it was one of the best shows he had ever seen.”
John Fredy Creatives, Dubai UAE

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