How to build on the success of last year’s Christmas show?

Have you ever noticed that people who have never worked in the events industry underestimate event planners and creative directors? They tend to see the end result and think ‘this can’t be that difficult‘. All it takes to organise a good Christmas show is a few cheerful walkabout entertainers, cold Prosecco and, of course, a tall twinkling Christmas tree. However is that really enough? Is that really going to make a long lasting impression?

If you want to organise a memorable Christmas show you first need a vision. The theme and the idea of what your event should look like and what your attendees should feel once they open the doors to your Christmas party. Only then you can choose your performers, props and costumes. It’s all about the details and everything coming together to create a spectacle. So no wonder that it takes a huge amount of planning and creativity.

But what to do if you’ve already organised a superb event and you need to wow your guests once again? How do you build on the success of your previous events?

Cirque Shanghai  Christmas show in 2017 revisited a theme which was a huge success 5 years ago. Our Director, Sorcha Rogers, will tell you how she overcame such challenges and how to make your events even bigger, better and memorable a year after a year. Click on the video below to delve into these industry secrets!  

Looking for inspiration for the upcoming festive season? Or maybe you already have an idea but you don’t know where to start?

With 8 years of industry experience, we know what makes a good Christmas show! Give us a call on +44 203 637 3053 or drop us a line at [email protected] to discuss requirements for your next event.

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