Vintage Circus

Client Name:

Awesome Events


The Brick House, The Brick Lane Food Hall, London

Audience Size

200 - 500 per night (depending on the end client)

Event Type

Private Corporate Party

What was the Brief?

Our brief was to create a vintage circus themed shows, inspired by the latest retro films such as ‘The Greatest Showman.’ The client wanted bespoke entertainment packages that would go alongside and would compliment their pop up venue – The Brick House, at the Brick Lane Food Hall.

How did you meet it?

Challenge #1: Venue restrictions

The Brick House is a unique industrial warehouse with many restrictions. First, it runs as a food hall over the weekends, which is open to the general public. Second, the venue has a chimney located right in the middle separating the space and limiting visibility from certain angles.


The stage couldn’t have a lot of infrastructure or take too long to be set up. It had to be packed away every Friday night as the food hall reopened every Saturday morning. So we opted for a sideshow-style show – a small stage in one area and then aerial point in another.

We had a compere throughout the night to meet and greet people, and direct them from one performance to another. Having a compere also meant that we were prepared for extra requests the end client might have, for example, any speeches or award ceremonies. This came at no extra cost to the end client.  

Challenge #2: Finding the balance between flexibility and guaranteed work

Each client wanted the event to be bespoke, meaning we had to ensure they have a reasonable number of acts to choose from. However, as the events were taking place during the busiest nights over the Christmas period, we also had to ensure that our artists have guaranteed work as otherwise, they might have looked for work somewhere else.


We created 3 different packages at different price points. This way we could guarantee that the major acts will have work and also that the client will have the best quality show each night. The end client also had a choice and our team could still allow some flexibility if they wanted to swap a few acts.

Having different packages meant we didn’t have to create proposals from scratch for each booking or try to meet unexpected and wild demands that most likely wouldn’t work in the space. For our client, it meant they could upsell the entertainment with confidence.

Challenge #3 – Differentiating our show from other Christmas shows

It’s no surprise that Christmas comes every year and most people have seen many Christmas themes that no longer excite them. We wanted to create something different, which would make our show stand out from the rest.


We made the show immersive from start to finish. The acts inhabited the space like it was their own. The moment the guests arrived they could see the artists warming up out in the open, which made them feel like they’d just entered some strange vaudeville circus camp. During the night the artists became part of the ambience. It wasn’t your usual ‘stop and watch’ type of experience, the guests and the artists were all a part of it.

Challenge #4 – Making a big production and meeting client’s budget

As with any event, the budget is an important part of the planning process. It’s necessary to create value and meet the given budget.


We only work with carefully selected artists who are multiskilled and who worked with our team over the years. Our Director, Sorcha Rogers, personally knows each and every one of them. She spent years working with these artists and building long-lasting relationships. They understand Sorcha’s briefs and don’t need a lot of explaining to create acts that fit Sorcha’s style.

We believe that the secret ingredient to an outstanding show that meets the budget is strong relationships between the producer and the artists, as well as love and appreciation to all involved in the creation. To Sorcha, the artists are like a close-knit family, which means that she gets the best pick, the best price and she can trust them 100%.


An effortless show – this is when you know that a lot of time, planning, creativity and work has gone into a production.

Repeated business – The series of events were so popular that we were already hired for next year.

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