Temenos Community Forum 2017, Lisbon

Client Name:

Unique Entertainment for Temenos


Carlos Lopez Pavilion, Lisbon, Portugal

Audience Size


Event Type

Awards Ceremony and Dinner

What was the Brief?

We were asked to create a 30-minute stage show that would keep a typically flighty audience glued to their seats.
After a full day at a conference, followed by an awards ceremony and dinner, at least two-thirds of the audience tend to leave. Sorcha Productions was tasked with keeping as many people in their seats as possible, all enjoying our corporate event entertainment.

How did you meet it?

As with all shows abroad, Sorcha travelled with the performers to manage their daily schedule and rehearsals and ensure that local suppliers met all health and safety and staging requirements. Sorcha also provided stage management for the show to ensure flawless delivery.

The show was choreographed with short, sharp and contrasting acts and a wide variety of skills to keep it visually exciting and the audience on the edge of their seats. Music was chosen to flow and build to create an energetic atmosphere throughout. The transition between acts was fast-paced, and there was no ‘dead air’ on stage at any point during the show.

With only three hours’ on-site rehearsal, Sorcha used her in-depth knowledge of her acts and their skills to create a show that looked as if it had been rehearsed a thousand times.

“It’s all about the pre-planning and knowledge of the acts – integral knowledge of their skills and timings at this level of delivery. It’s the only way to get a show this great to work in such little time with no hiccups. You can’t just book a variety of acts that don’t know each other and throw them together if you want real magic.”


90% of the audience stayed for the entire show, with only a few taking breaks and returning to their seats. The clients were thrilled, and delegates sought out the production team after the show to say thank you. The next day in the hotel, one of the delegates made a point to come over to say it was the best show he’d ever seen at this type of event.


“Sorcha Productions put an immense amount of expertise into their show for our client Temenos in Lisbon. This has been a traditionally difficult crowd to please and they were wowed! It was a lot of fun, Thanks Sorcha”

Trevor Hamiltion, Unique Entertainment

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