Dubai Shopping Festival

Client Name:

Scarlette Entertainment for the Dubai Government


Dubai Mall

Audience Size

Approx. 300-500 per show

Event Type

Public Festival

What was the Brief?

For this project, Sorcha Productions was briefed to provide a high-end stage show, full of highly skilled performers, for a family audience in a public setting. It had to have a real wow factor and also fit onto a small stage, with no large set or aerial rigging required.


How did you meet it?

Sorcha Productions performed five, twenty minute shows per day for the 5 x 20min shows for 10 days = 50 shows duration of the ten day shopping festival.

Each of the five shows was a little different, using a combination of world class acrobatic circus talents, rotating and combining to ensure that each show was a fresh and audience members would get a new experience each time. The acts were about pure skill with the human body – just years of rehearsals to perfect some of the most highly skilled performances possible. No set or technical production were required and the show was adaptable to any size performance area.

Four man gymnastic group delighted crowds with their human totem and gravity defying spins, up into their air and down into the arms of the team below. They juggled batons in stunning formations and provided some excellent crowd interaction as guests were invited to the stage to take part in their acrobalance!

Jaws dropped at the flexibility and beauty of a female contortion duo – their moves mirrored so precisely at times that you felt you were seeing double. The act was also performed as a solo piece, taking it to the next level by performing at height on hand balancing poles, on top of a narrow plinth: a test of sheer grace and strength that made these unbelievable moves look totally effortless and take your breath away.

The balancing and juggling talents of a solo acrobat were shown off with a stunning cube spinning act – juggling a large metal frame cube through the air and around the entire stage, using momentum to increase the speed and danger of the cube whilst holding all manner of high intensity poses.

Some of the most fun moments of the show happened as all of the performers joined together to form a large jump rope act – jumping solo ropes whilst also jumping the group rope, giant ropes crossing one another, jumping as a human tower, on hands, as duos, trios, dancing, tumbling and even using one of the contortionists as a rope to jump! The fast paced performance was ever changing, keeping the audience enthralled with its ingenuity and captivating feats.

As well as programming the show, Sorcha herself travelled with the performers to manage their ground transport and daily program as well as stage managing the shows themselves to ensure seamless delivery.



The representative from the Dubai tourist board said it was his favourite show of the festival and the show was featured in the Highlights of the festival video. There was a buzz of excitement during and after each show and numerous people came back to see it multiply times.

” I’ve never seen something like this before. Outstanding skills and incredible professionalism enacted all at the same time. The way they interacted with each audience was great. I have been to Dubai many times, and seen countless performance, but I have never seen as much excitement from a crowd as with this show. ” Xabier Garcés Suárez, Scarlett Entertainment

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