Cornerstone Conference 2016

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Awesome Events for Cornerstone


Bloomsbury Big Top, London

Audience Size


Event Type

After Conference Party

What was the Brief?

After the fun and thrills of Koko in 2015, Cornerstone came back to Sorcha Productions for their corporate event entertainment. The theme for the second year was Diwali and all of the delights of the Indian celebration. In a similar brief to the previous year, the entertainment was expected to provide a heavy focus for the event and engage as many guests, as much of the time as possible.

How did you meet it?

Guests were treated to a riot of swirling colours, energetic beats and plenty of razzle-dazzle. A female Bollywood dance troupe took to the stage, delivering a taste of India at its celebratory best and charming more than just the audience who were amazed as a fully grown (and very friendly) python joined the show. The snake was later taken around the venue so that guests could meet it for a short time.

A tigress-costumed acrobat pounced from the ceiling on aerial silks in a lavish visual spectacle, followed by a fire show with a Bollywood twist.

The stars of the night were the traditional Dhol drummers and expressive Bhangra dancers, bursting onto the stage with vitality and flair. The all-male show compelled every guest to feel the rhythms and move to the beat of India’s party anthems.

As an additional and more interactive form of entertainment, guests were also able to get glitter and henna tattoos at the event.


Cornerstone was thrilled with the event and rebooked again for the following year – the third in a row!

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