Cirque Shanghai

Client Name:

Awesome Events


Bloomsbury Big Top, London

Audience Size


Event Type

Private Corporate Party

What was the Brief?

Now a regular client, Awesome Events wanted a new theme for their Christmas big top – something that no one else would be doing. It fell to Sorcha Productions to create Cirque Shanghai to scintillate the crowds, with short acts performing between dinner courses, culminating in a final show on stage before guests took over the dance floor.

How did you meet it?

Sorcha Production’s stunning Mongolian Circus troupe brought their A game to the Big Top. Greeted by beautiful stilt walkers in traditional Chinese costume, guests made their way through to dinner, where Chinese aerialists tumbled down from the roof to within touching distance of the audience.

A bright yellow 2 man Lion performed a traditional lion dance, complemented by the 5 person Dragon Dance that wound its way through the tables as guests awaited the next course.

Our exclusive, mind-boggling, chair-balancing act captivated the audience. The ONLY chair balancing act in the UK, he had the crowds on the edges of their seats as he added chair after chair to his balancing tower and climbed to its top to handstand! As if that wasn’t enough, the high energy balance acrobatic skills of Boldo were displayed as he spun a giant metal cube overhead whilst tumbling and rolling.

Perhaps the most thrilling element in the show came from the highly skilled martial artists who demonstrated moves in a slick, stunt choreography, using swords and nun chuks. One wrong move could spell disaster…. Then add fire staffs and swords to the display and riveted guests were in for a real treat.


The original version was created for 2014 and so popular that it was revised for the 2017 season. Check out the video for guest’s reaction to the show.


“Your Cirque Shanghai Production is the perfect mix for a memorable celebration with friends.
At Spaced Out we are so often focused on our own creative projects, that it’s great to be transported to new horizons through your magical show and seamless hospitality.
The Cirque Shanghai – Sorcha Production is daring , beautiful and sparks the audience to dance the night away after the main show.
Riveting, fun and wanting more ……Thank you.”

James Engel @ Spaced Out – Architecture and Design Studio, London


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