Cirque Lumiere

Client Name:

Awesome Events


Bloomsbury Big Top, London

Audience Size

350 - 900

Event Type

Awards Ceremony and Dinner, Christmas Dinner Party

What was the Brief?

For the 9th consecutive year, we were coming to Bloomsbury Big Top to provide an extraordinary Christmas party for our client’s, Awesome Events, guests. And this time we were given a new theme – light. Only one word to create a brand new concept!

Our goal was to design a dazzling event and a truly mesmerising entertainment, for guests’ reception and dinner. In order to do so, we used all our lighting and stage management skills and worked with the best industry talents. They all helped us to create new routines as well as find innovative solutions to fit the theme, like create illuminated costumes for our stilt walkers!


How did you meet it?

1st Challenge – To create a brand new show that would meet strict venue requirements

Many of the people coming to the event were returning guests, so we needed new routines that would wow even those who have seen everything.

However, we also had to bear in mind strict venue restrictions such as ceiling height when working with aerialist and health and safety restrictions when working with fire. Not to mention quick turnaround times between the performances! All had to work like a clockwork.


We chose performers who had previously worked in this venue and were familiar with stage area, ceiling heights and equipment they needed for their performances. This carefully selected troupe is always up for a challenge, so we weren’t surprised when they jumped at the opportunity to create new routines!

2nd Challenge – To create a big production that would fit the client’s budget

We all love the flexibility of working with big and unlimited budgets, though we also think that the best creative solutions are born when we have constraints. So what’s the secret of creating a memorable show with limited resources?


We invested years in creating strong relationships with various artists. We know their strengths and weaknesses – they know our expectations. This means that we don’t waste time negotiating or explaining the brief, we just get each other. Most importantly, the artists know how to create acts that fit our style.

Our Director, Sorcha Rogers, treats every performer as a family member. The trust and love she shows make them want to come back and work with her again. So when it comes to booking the artists, Sorcha Productions gets the best pick. (Our performers also give us the best quotes!)

3rd Challenge – To create a show that would meet and exceed customers’ expectations

As our client, Awesome events, couldn’t see the show before they started advertising it, we needed to create a programme that would follow a similar formula to the year before. Their marketing team needed to know what they are selling, so they could promise the best but the show wouldn’t underdeliver! The client also wanted to take pictures and film the event, then use it in future marketing campaigns.  


We created a detailed show proposal prior to the event, so the client knew exactly how the show will look without even seeing it. And we provided the sales team with a showreel, pictures and testimonials from last year’s Christmas show. They used them for the marketing campaign of Cirque Lumiere.


Almost all of the dates were sold out before the show had even opened its doors. We are proud to say that everyone, from Awesome events to their guests were completely wowed by our hot performances (when we say hot, we mean fire!), aerialists in fishnets hanging over their tables and stilt walkers in illuminated Andie Scott’s costumes. And here’s what they said…Behind the scenes: How to create a truly magical costume?

Boy, it didn’t disappoint! From trapeze artists to fire breathers – the whole evening was so exciting and entertaining. All acts perfectly fit the theme and worked so well to create a festive atmosphere. The event had such a nice flow to it, too! I don’t know how, but every single year Sorcha pulls it off the bag and puts an incredible show that wows everyone a night after a night. I can’t wait to see what she produces next! Sebastiaan Douma,  Director – Sebastiaan Douma Consultancy Ltd


As Events Manager I see a lot of good entertainment, so there’s not much that could wow me these days. However, what Sorcha did at Cirque Lumiere was completely different, something I hadn’t seen before. The show grabbed my attention from the first moment on and completely mesmerised me. The acts, the costumes, the theme! I also have to credit Sorcha for her organisation and time management skills – everything worked like a clockwork. As a result, my guests and I didn’t have to worry about a thing, we truly enjoyed the evening!  Kim Goetze, Operations Manager – Evolve Events

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