Cirque Extraordinaire

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Awesome Events


Bloomsbury Big Top

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Private Corporate Party

What was the Brief?

Another year at Bloomsbury Big Top and another new theme. There are clients that return year after year to the Big Top, and they wish to see something new every time. This time around, Sorcha Productions was tasked with creating something extraordinary to wow the crowds between courses, again building in intensity until the finale and after dinner dancing.

How did you meet it?

A riveting show, packed to the rafters (quite literally) with gymnastic feats on the floor and in the air.

Tandem aerial silks were mirrored at either end of the tent, providing the entirety of the large crowd with fabulous views of jaw-dropping falls and complex folding and weaving up and down the height of the structure.

In the air, aerial hoops were flown in tandem for more twinned performance, and also for a duo act partnering on one solo hoop. On the floor, yet more hoops prevailed as a hula duo created a spinning disco of LED madness, juggling and spinning multiple, multi-coloured hoops in unison. This was followed by an amazing Cyr wheel performance and fire show of spinning fire hoop – just to cover all hoop possibilities!

Guests were flabbergasted by the two male solo aerial acts on both rope and chains. Both acts showed immense strength and poise, creating effortless and truly impressive balletic movement in the air.


Another well received show that delighted the audiences for both Christmas parties and award ceremonies. This theme was so popular we repeated it twice more during the last 8 years.



“The circus show at The Bloomsbury Big top was such a wonderful experience. The entertainment throughout the night worked really well, it set the right atmosphere and entertained people for just the right amounts of time. Having different performance areas, one right above our table made it that much more impressive when you saw the performer so close up. The performers amazed with their skillset and were very pleasing to the eye as well! Thank you for a fantastic evening!”

Sebastiaan Douma, S D Consultancy Ltd

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