Chinese New Year Celebrations 2016

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Scarlett Entertainments for John Freddy Creative. End Client Galleria Mall, Abu Dhabi


Galleria Mall, Abu Dhabi

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Public Festival

What was the Brief?

Having seen a promotional video of our amazing Cirque de Shanghai, this client was thrilled to find an authentic Chinese circus show that could operate in Abu Dhabi and provide the highest level of professionalism, skill and real wow factor for their shoppers. Celebrating Chinese New Year is of particular importance to their many Chinese shoppers, so Galleria Mall wanted them to celebrate in style with some unusual party entertainment.

How did you meet it?

Expanding on the template of Cirque Shanghai, Sorcha Productions created a seamless stage show fit for the mall space, incorporating more aerial acts with the high atrium available. The show was performed twice daily for a two-day period.

Graceful aerial hoop and silk artists thrilled the audience below with their beautiful flowing lines and dramatic spins and falls. The sheer strength of the aerial straps acts drew gasps from the crowd.

These high flyers were complemented by the more traditional Chinese acts of a two-person Lion Dance and person Dragon Dance, gliding around the stage as one magical entity.

An original and more modern twist brought excitement to the show in the form of Boldo’s spinning cube act – high energy and acrobatics all while spinning and balancing a giant metal-framed cube!

This was followed by our majestic contortionist, whose body curved and bent in ways unimaginable, all while hand balancing on poles three feet high. Truly amazing!

Together with stunning choreographed martial arts displays, the oldest traditions of the Orient were brought to life by Cirque Shanghai in Abu Dhabi.

Behind the scenes, Sorcha was on hand throughout to meticulously stage-manage the shows, ensuring that all of the needs of both our circus performers and the client were met.


The event was reviewed in the national press and helped Galleria in developing a reputation for stunning entertainment which increases footfall. The mall was able to invite local dignitaries, including the Chinese Ambassador of the UAE to see the show and they were impressed by the standard and content, see the below testimonial!



“Such a professional and talented group of artists. Our clients were over the moon with this years event and the Chinese Ambassador of the UAE said it was one of the best shows he had ever seen. We are looking forward to next years event already.”

John Fredy Creatives, Dubai UAE

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