Behind the scenes: How to create a truly magical costume?

Have you ever been to a show where artists’ costumes completely mesmerised you? Have you ever wondered how these bespoke […]

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How to build on the success of last year’s Christmas show?

Have you ever noticed that people who have never worked in the events industry underestimate event planners and creative directors? […]

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3 ingredients that will help you create a more engaging show

  They say that events professionals are spoilt for choice. It’s part of their job to go to networking events, […]

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What can we learn from Mongolian street kids’ circus?

Last year our Director, Sorcha Rogers, took a trip to the other side of the world to scout for talent. […]

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The rise of immersive events

What is the secret of immersive events? There are two types of attendees – spectators and participants. Spectators attend your […]

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Scandal – sexy not sassy

February is usually the month of love in the events world, focusing on Valentine’s Day, but earlier this month we […]

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