3 ingredients that will help you create a more engaging show


They say that events professionals are spoilt for choice. It’s part of their job to go to networking events, conferences, product launches and an occasional showcase. They know the events industry inside out and they are the harshest events critics. If you are an eventprof, when was the last time you attended an event where you fully submerged yourself and felt completely engaged? Why doesn’t that happen so often? What do these events are lacking?

Last week we took up the challenge and produced a showcase in support of Mongolian street kids’ circus. Our aim was to kill two birds with one stone – support a worthy cause and show events professionals that good entertainment can keep attendees engaged all night. Event entertainment shouldn’t be looked at as another item that needs to be ticked off your event planning list. No, we think that event entertainment is much more than that. We believe that a well picked entertainment helps to deliver the vision of the event in a fun and engaging way. And we all know that an impactful experiential marketing creates a significant and long lasting impression.

We’ve been producing showcases for the last 8 years and we managed to nail down 3 key ingredients which will make any showcase more engaging!



  1. People buy stories not products

It’s a well-known marketing rule – people buy stories, not products. Of course, in our case, we were not selling a product or service; we were telling people a story about Mongolian street kids’ circus. Our Director, Sorcha Rogers, met these unfortunate kids a few years back and since then she’s been trying to support them as much as possible. We tried to put this message across over social media channels prior to the event however on the night of the event we chose to show a short documentary about this unique circus troupe. It presented our attendees the background of the event and made them feel more connected to the purpose of this event. This event wasn’t your typical showcase!

  1. A good host is a glue that holds the show together

How many times did you go to a showcase where you’ve seen great walkabout entertainers or stage performances but didn’t really know what they were about? It’s because the show didn’t have an experienced host. Our multi-talented Director Sorcha, who not only produced the whole show but also knows all of the talents who performed on the night, volunteered to compeer the show. This industry insight and personal connections with the artists acted as a glue to the whole showcase.

  1. Dedication and the sense of belonging

Last but not least, a great show requires talented artists. All artists who performed on the night donated their time and skills for free which showed a huge dedication to the cause and we this definitely was communicated to the audience. It might sound strange but the sense of belonging to a community and a greater cause was felt in the air and this brought the audience together.  

What’s the result?

We think that these 3 key ingredients played a major role in the success of the event. And then we say ‘success’, we don’t necessarily mean the ROI or how many feedback forms were returned. No. We saw people leaving the venue with smiles on their faces and gleam in their eyes. They looked happy, alive and inspired. And this is how we know that we did a good job and the event was a SUCCESS.

P.S. We raised £700 for the Mongolian street kids’ circus which will pay for the young talents’ equipment and their studio hire. We would like to thank everyone who donated or in other ways contributed to this great cause.  


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